Why Every Parent Needs An Infrared Forehead Thermometer For Their Family

Body temperature is an indication of the body's ability to generate and eliminate heat. Owing to a phenomenon called homeostasis, the body is able to regulate its own temperature within narrow limits despite large variations in the external environment. In the case of a baby in the first two or three months of life, this mechanism has not fully developed. Because newborns are vulnerable to dangerously high fever, this is why every parent needs an infrared forehead thermometer for their family.

There are different ways of taking a baby's temperature. Of these, the rectal approach is the most accurate. It is also the most risky. Babies are prone to squirming and thrashing around, especially when they are upset. This would make even the most experienced parent nervous about sticking an instrument up the baby's bottom and keeping it in place long enough for an accurate temperature to register.

The reason why the rectal route is more accurate than other methods is because it is the most internal and insulated from the external atmosphere. The next most accurate would be under the tongue, or sublingual, but nobody in their right mind is going to attempt to hold a thermometer under a baby's tongue for the three minutes it would take to get an accurate reading. The other two sites are under the armpit, on the forehead and in the ear.

Babies, especially during their first few weeks of life, have immature immune systems and are especially vulnerable to infection. The most common cause for fever in babies is infection. A rectal temperature of 100.4 constitutes a fever and medical attention should be sought as soon as possible. In the meantime, the baby should be kept cool.

Fever is also a leading cause if infantile convulsions. Some pediatricians recommend bathing an infant in cold water. This may sound inhumane and, as baby gets older, is a lot easier said than done. All a parent can do in this case, if advised to do so by their doctor, is comply with the instruction.

Rather than wait until it is a panic situation and make a garbled phone call to your baby's doctor in the middle of the night, it is a good idea to discuss their fever action plan at a routine visit. Discuss the pros and cons of the various types of thermometer and ask what constitutes a fever using each type. Then, go home and practice a few times a day to get the baby used to the idea and to give yourself an idea of what is your baby's normal temperature.

When the doctor's instructions have been followed to the letter and the temperature remains stubbornly elevated, there is no choice but to summon the professionals. If you have already alerted your doctor to the problem, don't be shy about phoning again to give a progress report.

The best advice anyone can give a parent of a young child is to not be afraid or feel embarrassed about phoning medical help in the event of an infant with a fever. After it's not about the parents' guilt, vanity, pride or any other emotion. It's about protecting the health of a helpless child.

Parents Love the Forehead Thermometer!

The days of the glass thermometer are on their way out.  There's a new and improved thermometer on the market that is getting rave reviews from parents everywhere.  The forehead thermometer is quickly making its way to the top must-haves for new moms and dads and also with parents of older children.  This thermometer knows no age limits and can even be used in nursing homes, daycares, schools and for everyday use.  Check out what this handy at http://gingerhillcreations.com/thermee/ , convenient and accurate little device can do for you and your family.

How it Works

The forehead thermometer takes the latest in 21st century technology putting it to use in this state-of-the-art thermometer.  The NON-contact Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer is used by scanning the person's forehead from a distance of 1 to 6 centimeters.  The infrared picks up on the energy being emitted from the person.  This is then focused through a specialized lense and converted to a temperature value by the thermopile and measuring circuit.

This may sound really technical, but basically you press a button, scan your child's forehead and wait for the read.  If you child has a fever, the Forehead Thermometer will quickly alarm with seven rapid beeps and the device will have a red backlit screen.  If everything is normal, there will be an even tone and the screen will remain green.  The Forehead Thermometer also has a memory, so when you are tracking a fever you will have all the previous temperatures at your fingertips for quick reference.

In addition, this thermometer also has a "milk-mode" button.  Once in this mode you can scan a bottle of milk to safely, quickly and accurately measure the temperature, before you give it to  your baby.

Take It Along

Another great thing parents love about the Forehead Thermometer is it can be easily packed and taken along on trips, overnight getaways or even tucked into your purse for emergencies.  It can be frightening when your baby or child suddenly becomes ill.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell right away if it is a fever brewing?  The non-invasive, accurate and germ-free Forehead Thermometer can be your first line of defense when dealing with a fever.

If you have a baby shower coming up, give the gift that will last a lifetime with the Forehead Thermometer for the first time mom.  She can use this when baby is teething, right up to the time he or she leaves for college - they will NEVER outgrow it! 

Get a Forehead Thermometer today.  It is leaps and bounds ahead of the traditional ones and will prove to be a wise investment down the healthcare road of your family. Parents around the world are all discovering it's far superior to the old technology. Get one now at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JWUTL6S.

Parents Choice For Kids Snacks and Lunches

Parents with school-aged children know how difficult it is to find quality lunches and snacks that will withstand the time spent in backpacks or lockers. Food left in these places can become warm or cold, squished or crumbled, leaving it virtually inedible. So what’s a mom or dad to do? Stainless Steel Food Jars.

The Perfect Choice for Travelling Meals

When you spend time, money and prep-work with a lunch or snack for your child, you want them to eat and enjoy the food. This may not always be easy with plastic containers or zip lock bags - these tend change the quality of the food, not to mention the consistency. With our Stainless Steel Food Jars, your options of food you want to send with your child, just got easier.

Our food jars have a double-line interior that will keep hot food hot up to 5 hours and cold foods crisp and yummy up to 7 hours. The durable body means no more scratches and dents on your food jar and the inside will remain intact no matter how many times it is dropped. Our travelling food jars will feed your hungry child a great meal or snack that is perfect for lunchtime, after school and eating on-the-go in the back of the car.

The Perfect Choice for Wholesome Food
Since our Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jars keep hot food hot, you can give your child a filling lunch that will leave them satisfied and energized for hours. Send them along with mac n’ cheese, homemade soups or stews, casseroles or even leftover meat and veggies - this fare is a lot better than some processed and high in nitrates food that many fast food places and even cafeterias offer. When the days turn warmer and your child doesn’t necessarily want a hot meal, then our food jars are great for fresh fruit, carrot sticks, celery and other vegetables. You can even pop in a full salad with all the fixings when you have our Stainless Steel Food Jars. They are so versatile, you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in them sooner. Visit this link http://gingerhillcreations.com/thergee-food-jar know the reason why.

The Perfect Choice for Being Eco-Friendly
We all are trying to use and reuse to reduce our carbon footprints on the planet. With our travelling food jars, you can stop buying those zip lock bags that will still be around when your kids, kids are packing school lunches. Think about how many baggies you use each day, wouldn’t it be nice to stop throwing these out and just have a reusable food jar that will do the same job, but even better? Kids will not only enjoy their wholesome homemade lunches and snacks, but they will also take pride in the knowledge that they are helping to save the planet from further destruction.

Parents, stop wasting your money and time on unhealthy food for your kids, or food that only gets tossed or traded away, when you can show your kids you truly care by providing them with hot healthy meals for lunch or a snack. Stainless Steel Food Jars are the perfect solution to solving your lunch-time food dilemmas. Get yours now http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IPRGHHK.

TPE Baby Bibs are Ready-To-Go

I know as parents we may not think too long or hard about baby bibs, after all, you tie one around baby's neck then proceed to feed or let your toddler pick away at finger foods.  We do this on a daily basis and probably don't give much thought to the overall process, except when we have to stop and clean up the mess baby leaves behind on themselves and in their chair.  Wouldn't it be nice to, not only have a bib that is soft and safe, but will also cut down on those sticky stains and messes left by your toddler?  Let me introduce you to the Silicone Baby Bib - soft, safe and ready-to-go! Check it out at http://gingerhillcreations.org/ginger-hills-premium-quality-baby-bibs.

Made for Beginner-Eaters

The best thing about TPE-Thermoplastic Baby Bibs is that they are totally safe for your toddler.  We have taken important steps to ensure these bibs are Free from BPA's, Free from Lead, Free from Latex, Free from Phthalate and made from 100 percent all-natural materials. This means they are not only baby-friendly, but planet-friendly, too!

When you first see these types of TPE Baby Bibs you will know you are not looking at one of those conventional and ineffective baby bibs that leave food and spills behind to stain your baby's clothes and your floors.  These bibs have a catch-all pocket, that not only will lessen the mess on your baby and surrounding area, but is also more hygienic and anti-bacterial.  Say goodbye to those unsightly stained bibs that look filthy even though you have just washed them.  These Bibs can be simple rinsed or wiped off or thrown into the dishwasher.

Travelling Companions

Once you have used these Silicone Bibs you will not want to go back to traditional cloth bibs.  These bibs are not only soft and safe, but they are made to travel.  Simply roll them up and throw them in a diaper bag or your purse.  This is perfect for feeding baby on-the-go at restaurants, friend's homes or even in the car or on a park bench. 

Most of this type of TPE Bibs come packaged in three, and believe me, you will use all of them.  Leave one in the car for travelling with your toddler, one at home for meal and snack times and one at the babysitters or grandparents.  They will also love the mess-free zone your baby will now create and the ease of cleaning the bib afterwards.

Perfect Baby Gift

The cute design and playful colors of these Soft and Flexible Baby Bibs make an awesome addition to baby shower gifts or for first birthdays.  These bibs are adjustable to fit from 6 months up to 3 years-of-age.  Moms and dads of toddlers will love the ergonomically designed fit for their beginner-eater and will silently thank you each time they are feeding their child. 

Stop getting frustrated with ordinary cloth bibs that do little to keep your baby clean and protected.  Grab a package of these TPE Baby bibs and start feeling good about letting your baby experiment with solid or sloppy foods and drinks.  No more hassles with stains and messy clean-ups is sure to make you happy. Live stress free now and grab one now at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00IPQVPG4.

Want to Drive in Peace? The Back Seat Mirror

Parents have enough to worry about with their kids, much less having to constantly referee them in the back seat of a moving vehicle. This is not only stressful, but it can lead to the distraction of the driver, which could cause a dangerous accident. If you want an easy, practical and affordable solution to finally having peace in your car, then read on to discover the newest invention.

The Back Seat Mirror

The Back Seat Mirror is a so simple you are going to wish you came up with the concept yourself. This handy device is an extra large, convex mirror that comes with durable straps, a swivel ball and is stylish to boot. To install the Back Seat Mirror all you have to do is affix it to the headrest of the back seat and position the swivel ball until you have a direct view of the mirror in your rear view mirror. That's it! With this mirror in place you are well on your way to keeping the peace in the back seat of your car.

Let the “Looking” Begin

If you have children or pets, the Back Seat Mirror will be more than just handy, it can save a lot of hassles and squabbles that tend to arise when kids get bored or cranky. By having this “spying device” in place you can easily monitor the back seat without turning around. Think of the freedom (and peace and quiet) you will experience when your kids know you can check on their every move.

The Back Seat Mirror is also a must-have when you are travelling with a new baby. The convex design allows you to see your baby from head-to-toe (when seated in a rear facing car seat). This is not only perfect for keeping a watchful eye on your little bundle, but Baby can also see your loving face in the mirror – say goodbye to crying jags that can sprout from separation anxiety.

Do you have a dog? Then the Back Seat Mirror will also give you the extra set of eyes you need to make sure your beloved pet is not chewing up the upholstery or trying to climb out the window.

Makes a Great Gift!

Forget about those onesies or cute clothes that a new baby will quickly outgrow, buy the new mom a Back Seat Mirror and give her some added peace-of-mind she craves when driving with a her infant. Grandparents and babysitters should also have one of these awesome inventions added to their car. It provides a level of knowing that simply can't have a price put on it.Visit this link http://gingerhillcreations.com/gingerkids-backseat-mirror/ know the reason why.

Grab a Back Seat Mirror and give yourself (or someone else) peace-of-mind when toting children or pets around in a vehicle. It's not only practical, it may just give a whole new level of enjoyment when out on the road. 

Get yours now at  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KQ6LKVG.

What The Most Important Attributes To Look For An A Potty Chair For Toddlers Are Known To Be

Congratulations you have made it! The diapers are over. The pull-ups are neigh. Your child is ready to go to the potty. Now all you have to do is pop down to the shops and get one. If only things were that simple. Nothing is that simple any more. There are too many products on the market, offering claims that theirs are the best of the best. How do you know which one to go for? How do you know which way to go? Well you have to ask yourself, what the most important attributes to look for an a potty chair for toddlers are.

Not only this but what specifically does your child need? Are they for instance tall for their age? In which case a standard one may be too small. Does she want to be a princess or does he want to be a footballer? There are so many styles and designs you can tailor your choice to your child.

Don't let the pushy commercials tell you what you want. Really think about what you need it to do. After all you want this to be an enjoyable experience for your little one. If you get them something they don't like the look of you will have a hard time getting them on it.

Of course budgets don't always allow you to go out and get whatever you want. Sometimes you have to get what you can. In these cases you can always skip this step and move straight on to the toilet. You can get attachable seats that prevent your child from falling in. Which also come in different styles and designs.

No matter what your choice is, this isn't going to be an easy task. It will take a lot of patience and time, before you can leave the house without a clean set of pants. Your washing bill is going to go up and you will wonder if a 30 year old who is still wearing diapers is really a bad thing? The answer is yes. Keep going you will get there.

You need to make sure that plenty of praise is given and you don't come down too hard when there are accidents. After all if you make this fun for your child then they will want to do it a lot more than if they see it as a chore.

It is suggested that you place the one you chose in a quiet area. One not too many people will be around. This gives the child a chance for privacy while they are preforming the task. It also means that you will be able to give praise to your child without having to do it publicly in large groups of people.

Although this will take time no matter which one you chose, choosing the right one really is winning half the battle. What's the point in starting at the bottom of the ladder, when you can get halfway up in one footstep? As long as you think about it and know what you need, you will make the right choice for you and your little one. You just have to ask yourself what are the most important attributes of a potty chair for toddlers?

Once you have decided which potty are you going to buy, its time to buy a product that can be your great partner in taking care of your child visit at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KQ6LKVG, you can also read more information about this product at http://gingerhillcreations.com/gingerkids-backseat-mirror/.

Exactly what You Can Get out of 7 To 9 Months-Old Children

Seven Month's Old Baby
Now that your little angel has reached 7 months old. Time goes by so fast that you don't realize your infant is now able to sit upright without your support and even her own hands. Wow, that must be an amazing feeling seeing her grow so instantly.

For parents of 7 to 9-months-old babies, what else can you discover in their physical developments? Well, every child is not the exact same. One might have earlier development from the others.

For instance, your buddy's child was able to start crawling when he was 8 months old, while yours might do it when she was 7 and a half months.

On the other hand, the very first infant began teething when he was 6 months old, whereas yours did it when she was 9 months.

So, you actually require not to be distressed about your baby's development. She will reach the stage.

Exactly what you should take note of is your infant's developmental turning point. This indicates she needs to have the ability to do particular things at particular ages.

It's finest for you to make some notes on your baby's development, such as writing all her new skills in an online journal. If you do not want to miss out on any of your infant's growths, composing the journal will be very amazing.

Accumulating adorable pictures when brand-new things happen will also be a remarkable endeavor. Later on, you'll thank yourself for keeping the memories online as you can see it anytime anywhere. Build up the happiness by sharing the site to friends and families.

Now let's go back to the previous subject. If you're a first-time moms and dad, you probably still have a little idea about your infant's development.

Below is a milestone you can utilize as your guideline. If your baby isn't on her track or does not reach many of the stages pointed out below, you might consult it with your child's pediatrician.

Below are some of the milestones for 7 to 9-months-old baby:.

1. Sitting upright without support.
2. Crawling.
3. Teething.
4. Babbling.
5. Passing things from hand to hand.
6. Standing up by holding onto something.
7. Waving hands.
8. Clapping hands.
9. Turning heads when someone calls her.
10. Holding her bottles.
11. Choosing things up with pincer (thumb-finger) grasp.
12. Screening your feedbacks to her habits.
13. Able to identify individuals she knows and strangers.
14. Travelling while keeping the wall or other furniture.

The older your baby, the more abilities she might have. If your infant is not able to do some of these things, do not worry too much. It does not suggest a problem. She'll reach the stage in the perfect time, soon. It is very important to have a thermometer in taking care of a 7 to 9-months-old babies please visit http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JWUTL6S to buy yours and read more information at http://gingerhillcreations.com/thermee/.