Parents Choice For Kids Snacks and Lunches

Parents with school-aged children know how difficult it is to find quality lunches and snacks that will withstand the time spent in backpacks or lockers. Food left in these places can become warm or cold, squished or crumbled, leaving it virtually inedible. So what’s a mom or dad to do? Stainless Steel Food Jars.

The Perfect Choice for Travelling Meals

When you spend time, money and prep-work with a lunch or snack for your child, you want them to eat and enjoy the food. This may not always be easy with plastic containers or zip lock bags - these tend change the quality of the food, not to mention the consistency. With our Stainless Steel Food Jars, your options of food you want to send with your child, just got easier.

Our food jars have a double-line interior that will keep hot food hot up to 5 hours and cold foods crisp and yummy up to 7 hours. The durable body means no more scratches and dents on your food jar and the inside will remain intact no matter how many times it is dropped. Our travelling food jars will feed your hungry child a great meal or snack that is perfect for lunchtime, after school and eating on-the-go in the back of the car.

The Perfect Choice for Wholesome Food
Since our Insulated Stainless Steel Food Jars keep hot food hot, you can give your child a filling lunch that will leave them satisfied and energized for hours. Send them along with mac n’ cheese, homemade soups or stews, casseroles or even leftover meat and veggies - this fare is a lot better than some processed and high in nitrates food that many fast food places and even cafeterias offer. When the days turn warmer and your child doesn’t necessarily want a hot meal, then our food jars are great for fresh fruit, carrot sticks, celery and other vegetables. You can even pop in a full salad with all the fixings when you have our Stainless Steel Food Jars. They are so versatile, you’ll wonder why you didn’t invest in them sooner. Visit this link know the reason why.

The Perfect Choice for Being Eco-Friendly
We all are trying to use and reuse to reduce our carbon footprints on the planet. With our travelling food jars, you can stop buying those zip lock bags that will still be around when your kids, kids are packing school lunches. Think about how many baggies you use each day, wouldn’t it be nice to stop throwing these out and just have a reusable food jar that will do the same job, but even better? Kids will not only enjoy their wholesome homemade lunches and snacks, but they will also take pride in the knowledge that they are helping to save the planet from further destruction.

Parents, stop wasting your money and time on unhealthy food for your kids, or food that only gets tossed or traded away, when you can show your kids you truly care by providing them with hot healthy meals for lunch or a snack. Stainless Steel Food Jars are the perfect solution to solving your lunch-time food dilemmas. Get yours now