TPE Baby Bibs are Ready-To-Go

I know as parents we may not think too long or hard about baby bibs, after all, you tie one around baby's neck then proceed to feed or let your toddler pick away at finger foods.  We do this on a daily basis and probably don't give much thought to the overall process, except when we have to stop and clean up the mess baby leaves behind on themselves and in their chair.  Wouldn't it be nice to, not only have a bib that is soft and safe, but will also cut down on those sticky stains and messes left by your toddler?  Let me introduce you to the Silicone Baby Bib - soft, safe and ready-to-go! Check it out at

Made for Beginner-Eaters

The best thing about TPE-Thermoplastic Baby Bibs is that they are totally safe for your toddler.  We have taken important steps to ensure these bibs are Free from BPA's, Free from Lead, Free from Latex, Free from Phthalate and made from 100 percent all-natural materials. This means they are not only baby-friendly, but planet-friendly, too!

When you first see these types of TPE Baby Bibs you will know you are not looking at one of those conventional and ineffective baby bibs that leave food and spills behind to stain your baby's clothes and your floors.  These bibs have a catch-all pocket, that not only will lessen the mess on your baby and surrounding area, but is also more hygienic and anti-bacterial.  Say goodbye to those unsightly stained bibs that look filthy even though you have just washed them.  These Bibs can be simple rinsed or wiped off or thrown into the dishwasher.

Travelling Companions

Once you have used these Silicone Bibs you will not want to go back to traditional cloth bibs.  These bibs are not only soft and safe, but they are made to travel.  Simply roll them up and throw them in a diaper bag or your purse.  This is perfect for feeding baby on-the-go at restaurants, friend's homes or even in the car or on a park bench. 

Most of this type of TPE Bibs come packaged in three, and believe me, you will use all of them.  Leave one in the car for travelling with your toddler, one at home for meal and snack times and one at the babysitters or grandparents.  They will also love the mess-free zone your baby will now create and the ease of cleaning the bib afterwards.

Perfect Baby Gift

The cute design and playful colors of these Soft and Flexible Baby Bibs make an awesome addition to baby shower gifts or for first birthdays.  These bibs are adjustable to fit from 6 months up to 3 years-of-age.  Moms and dads of toddlers will love the ergonomically designed fit for their beginner-eater and will silently thank you each time they are feeding their child. 

Stop getting frustrated with ordinary cloth bibs that do little to keep your baby clean and protected.  Grab a package of these TPE Baby bibs and start feeling good about letting your baby experiment with solid or sloppy foods and drinks.  No more hassles with stains and messy clean-ups is sure to make you happy. Live stress free now and grab one now at